Amy Willans


“Sometimes we don’t know how we break, only that we long to be sewn back together.”

Amy Willans is a speaker, writer, and mental health advocate located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Amy is a seasoned speaker available for talks and keynotes on the topics of mental health, support, wellness, and recovery.


Amy has dedicated her life to fighting stigma, educating the public, and providing support around the topic of mental illness.


Amy has compiled a selective list of online resources and helpful links to assist those who may be struggling with mental illness.

More on Amy’s Talks & Keynotes

The first time I heard Amy share her story, I was moved to tears. I have now had the great pleasure of hearing Amy speak multiple times, each time reaching me in new ways. Amy is an embodiment of the spirit of hope. Her words captivate, and tell a story that will profoundly move you.

— Jillian Jones, Writer

Watching Amy Willans hold an audience in her grip with her life stories and poetry is as illuminating and entertaining as any theatrical event. She is not to be missed.

— Mel Ryane, author of Teaching Will: What Shakespeare and 10 Kids Gave Me that Hollywood Couldn’t

I’m so appreciative for you coming and sharing your story. I have so much more understanding and much more acceptance. Thank-you so much! I learned that there is always hope.

— Grade 12 Student

I felt I got a glimpse of what it might be like to live with a mental illness. It helped me realize that people with mental illness deserve love and support. It was fantastic!

— Paramedic Student

Through her poetry, Amy captures her struggles in a way that we can all relate to. Her words are inspirational and her vulnerability is sincere. Having the chance to hear her speak was a powerful experience that I won’t soon forget.

— Shawn Jones, Musician